Anjeer is a delicious dry fruit which belongs to Mulberry family. It is soft, juicy, and has crunchy seeds inside. It is commonly grown in Asian countries and Middle Eastern countries. It generally grows in rocky, dry, and wild areas. Dried Anjeer has more nutrients than fresh Anjeer.

Anjeer Dried Figs, 1kg sale

Anjeer Dried Figs, 1kg

Devratna Dried Figs (Anjeer) 500g..

Rs. 1,050.00 Rs. 1,250.00

Anjeer Dried Figs, 500g hover image sale

Anjeer Dried Figs, 500g

KING UNCLE's Premium Quality Anjeer (Brown Package) are lusciously sweet and they have many health benefits. Figs have many essential nutrients which ..

Rs. 630.00 Rs. 799.00

Nutraj Signature Anjeer Dried Figs , 400g hover image sale

Nutraj Signature Anjeer Dried Figs , 400g

1. This is a Vegetarian product.2. Figs contain pectin that stimulates healthy movement and expels cholesterol out of body3. Figs are good for stamina..

Rs. 495.00 Rs. 699.00

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